Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mandual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Therapy?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (commonly referred to as MLD Therapy, or Lymphatic Massage) is a gentle touch therapy that promotes health and aids recovery from various illnesses. This powerful, yet subtle technique can reduce or prevent fluid retention, enhance the broad or remote removal of toxins from the body, and support the immune system.

MLD Therapy is a standard treatment in European hospitals and clinics, and is used increasingly in North America. Illness, stress, excess fluid from inflammation or infection, and blockages or injury to lymph vessels can all impair lymphatic function leaving you feeling tired, achy or ill. Lymphatic Massage is extraordinarily effective in helping to restore lymph function as well as act as a natural analgesic.

Who can benefit from MLD Therapy?

Lauren has treated many clients at all stages of breast cancer treatment: biopsy, lumpectomy, mastectomy, radiation, chemotherapy, breast reconstruction, remission. Other clients who have benefitted from MLD therapy have included those recovering from post-orthopedic surgery, skin cancer, elective plastic surgery (liposuction, breast augmentation, fat grafting, rhinoplasty, etc.), sinusitis/allergies, detox protocol support, and those living with general fatigue, chronic lyme disease, fibromyalgia and migraines, as well as alleviating pain and edema associated with pregnancy. Certain acute injuries and symptoms can benefit from MLD Therapy, including sprains, strains and other instances where swelling occurs in the body..

I am currently undergoing treatment for active cancer. Can I get MLD?

This depends on the nature of the cancer. It is recommended to speak with your oncologist before seeking MLD Therapy.

Are there any reasons I shouldn't receive MLD Therapy?

Common contraindications for MLD Therapy include those suffering from Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), kidney disease, blood clots (DVT) (2 years clear of DVT to treat), infection (if not treated by antibiotics), certain active cancers (must have doctor’s approval for treatment), and high risk pregnancy.

What can I expect during my MLD session?

Receiving MLD Therapy is very similar to receiving standard therapuetic massage. The recipient privately undresses, and rests on a massage table draped under a sheet and blanket. The therapy is performed hand-to-skin (typically with little to no lotion or oil applied to the skin) and the therapist undrapes only the portion of the body that will be worked on. MLD Therapy is very relaxing in its own right as the touch is gentle and rhythmic. Key areas receive attention, depending on what the goal of the session may be, i.e.: neck, shoulders, underarms, belly, hip creases and/or appendages.

Do I have to have certain symptoms in order to benefit from MLD Therapy?

No. In fact, a fair amount of clients enjoy the feeling of an MLD session to therapeutic massage. 



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